Castle of Heroes guide

Castle of Heroes is a new game from gPotato, it is a browser game so you don’t need to download anything to play this game. If you enjoyed playing Heroes of Might and Magic this would be the perfect game for you. Basically Castle of Heroes is just an online version of Heroes of Might and Magic. You start with one village and you expand this into a large empire. When you create an account you get the option of choosing between several different races. You also choose between male and female. It is pretty easy to get started, pretty self explanatory the stuff you should do in the game.

I suggest you start up with building your city, build buildings that let you recruit troops to your army. It’s important to get a decent army as quickly as possible, as this will help you when travelling around the world map looking for resources. Later on you also want to upgrade the other buildings in your city, like the magic tower, town hall, market, arena, etc. If you’ve played Heroes of Might and Magic before you will learn Castle of Heroes really quickly, and I think you will really enjoy it.

Once a day when playing you may visit the windmill on the world map to get resources. This building is not defended and you can get 200 to 400 resources each time. You should also visit the Water Wheel to receive 2000 gold, it is not defended either. When it comes to scouting I suggest using only one hero for this hero, and equip this hero with a lot of scouts. He will be able to move quickly around on the map. You should try to level a few heroes up to really high levels, since a higher level hero will be able to have an army of larger force. Your cities can have an unlimited number of one unit type in a slot, but there are only ten slots total. I will write more in detail about this game in another article soon.