Aliens vs Predator Review

25th Jan, 2023

Aliens vs Predator Review

The popularity of the movies “Aliens” and “Predator” lead to the creation of a highly successful cross-franchise titled “Aliens vs Predator”, which spans over several comic books, video games and movies. The latest installment in the video game department of the franchise is a reboot, titled simply “Aliens vs Predator”, with the original one being renamed to “AvP Classic 2000″.


The game features three separate campaigns as previously, each allowing the player to see the storyline from the perspective of the three races – humans, aliens, and Predators. Playing as a human puts you in the boots of a marine in a survival horror-style game, with a heavy emphasis on the atmosphere and careful tactical gameplay. Playing as an alien, you'll be stalking your victims in gameplay that resembles popular stealth games, with some cool mechanics such as climbing on walls.

The gameplay of the Predator is perhaps the most challenging of all three, featuring various complex elements and overlapping mechanics, combining stealth with fast reflex-based gameplay, which results in a very unique experience that can't be found in another shooter. The three races have been very nicely balanced for multiplayer as well, providing some entertaining hours of fun online. Some may argue that the Predator feels too powerful in the right hands, but it's balanced well enough by its steep learning curve and skill requirements.

Graphics and System Requirements

An advanced graphical engine powers Aliens vs Predator, allowing for some very eye-catching graphics and effects. This contributes to its atmosphere simply perfectly, giving developers lots of room for creativity – which they've utilized simply perfectly. It all comes through most obviously in the marine's part of the game, where you'll be paying a lot more attention to your surroundings than usual, trying to avoid that facehugger hidden around the corner.

Forget about playing it on an old rig though – you'll need a fairly powerful computer to enjoy AvP smoothly. Even on the lowest graphical settings, it's still quite a strain on the machine, especially on the graphics card, so you'll have to be equipped accordingly.


Some of the negativism from the community came from comparing the game to the previous installments in the series – and in that regard, we'll have to warn you to be prepared for slight disappointment if you've been a fan of the previous games. It's true that the gameplay doesn't quite live up to what the previous ones had to offer, and the game feels mostly like a graphical update in some aspects.

Still, its multiplayer proved to be noticeably more fun than that in the original and the rest, so that's definitely a strong point to consider when buying AvP.


It may not be made with the same love and attention as the previous games in the series, but it's still a fun experience that should give you a few hours of quality entertainment.