Best Free MMORPG 2011 Award

15th Jan, 2023

Best Free MMORPG 2011 Award

MMO Worlds, the top gaming blog for free to play MMOs, has today released its fan award for the Best Free MMORPG 2011. Throughout the year, the fan site has featured many different titles each month but only one can be the top f2p game of 2011.

“We love a lot of games that we review but at the end of the year we had to choose just one game. So we asked ourselves the question: 'If I could only play one free MMORPG, which one would it be?' and that's how we picked the top game for 2011,” said Darius Johnson, editor of MMO Worlds.

The criteria used to choose the best MMO were:

Popularity – The awardee must have a large and active playerbase to justify being called the top MMORPG of 2011. It is an indication of mass appeal.

Graphics – While 2D games have their own charm, this year 3D is what most gamers prefer so beautiful, immersive graphics are a must.

Gameplay – Since not all players are hardcore gamers, ease of use and user friendliness was also considered. A game that is “Easy to Play, Hard to Master” is ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers. Of course, one of the most essential criteria is fun gameplay.

Content – While many niche games can be enjoyed even with sparse content, for the best free to play MMORPG award, only games with tons of great content were considered.

Updates and expansions – The number and quality of updates in the past year was one of the criteria because players will get bored if there is no new, fresh content for them to enjoy. A healthy, thriving MMO always has plenty of expansions to keep people interested in it.