Global Agenda Review

28th Nov, 2022

Global Agenda Review

Global Agenda is another attempt to expand the MMO idea in other genres than RPG. It's a massively multiplayer third-person shooter set in a futuristic environment, and it features lots of elements popular in science fiction, as well as a heavy spy background, giving the game a mysterious and attractive setting.

Developed by a not really well-known developer, it came out with some strong claims about the quality of its gameplay – and naturally, many gamers were wondering how seriously they should be taken.


Despite primarily being played from a third person perspective, Global Agenda also offers a view from the first person when using certain weapons, and there are also some elements more common to strategy games thrown in. The overall mixture is very good, and creates a smooth gameplay experience.

The world is huge and diverse and the servers are handling the heavy load caused by the large number of players very well. If you don't want to engage in the larger playing scene, you're also given the option of playing some quicker games against a smaller number of players.

The player is given an option of picking from a few classes, each offering a distinctive style of play. There are four classes in total featured in Global Agenda – Assault, Recon, Robotics and Medic. Additionally, each of those offers several different technology paths to take when developing them, allowing for an even more diverse choice of playing style, and customization by the player.

Being a third person shooter though, the game does place quite a heavy emphasis on the player's individual skill level, so don't depend entirely on your skills to make your way through the enemies.

Graphics and System Requirements

Yet another game based on the highly popular Unreal Engine 3, Global Agenda sadly uses a slightly older version of it than most of its competition today. You can notice some slight problems in the graphics at times, such as the game not showing enough detail or switching to a low-polygon model for a player character far too quickly. This is understandable to some extent if you consider the nature of the game though – this isn't your regular shooter with confined levels, but instead features a wide and diverse world.

You'll need a considerable amount of processing power to handle the game, mainly from your GPU – the processor itself isn't that heavily used and you should be able to get away even with a single-core, provided it's clocked high enough. Make sure you have lots of hard drive space too, as the game's many assets require it.


We should note that engaging in the actual online play in the game's persistent world isn't free and is based on a monthly subscription – buying the game only gives you access to the quick matches by default – even though they can still offer lots of fun, you should know what to expect.


A solid massively multiplayer title, Global Agenda brings the shooter genre one step closer to being truly suitable for a large number of players.