Spyborgs Review

24th Sep, 2022

Spyborgs Review

Most games coming out today focus strongly on realism, coming out with better graphics, better-detailed characters, realistic simulation of environments and what not. However, as good as this is for those who enjoy this sort of thing, sometimes players want a bit more variety and less seriousness in the games they're playing. So with this in mind, Spyborgs already stands out from the majority of its competition. How well does it live up to the expectations for something unique in its gameplay though? Quite well, actually.


Spyborgs takes you back to the times where simple, beat-em-up type games were popular. You control an agent in a team of cyborgs, who've been tasked with helping each other progress through the levels, each using their own unique set of abilities.

You can choose to control one of three robots, which cater to different styles of gameplay – if you like mowing down through your opponents without much regard for mobility or finesse, you can play with the Bouncer – or perhaps pick the Clandestine if you prefer to be more sneaky and surprising.

There's also the Stinger, who's somewhat of a balanced middle ground between the two, offering a good combination of stealth and full frontal action.

The level design is great, you'll have to use all of the characters' abilities at one point or another in order to progress, and some of the occasional puzzles will leave you smiling after you've figured out the solution.

Being a Wii title, you can of course play with the remote which will allow you to perform some special combined attacks with your teammates, while you can also use the controller's buttons if you want to opt for a more classic feeling of the gameplay.

Graphics and System Requirements

The Wii is falling behind a bit with the quality of its games' graphics – and while Spyborgs is far from an exception, it also looks surprisingly up-to-date compared to other titles. This is mostly due to its art style, which manages to make a great use of the console's capabilities in order to deliver some captivating worlds and environments. You'll love the design of each character, from the lovable giant that is the Bouncer, to the sneaky ninja-like character behind the Clandestine.

The game was originally intended to look a lot brighter and cartoonish-looking, but that was changed at some point in its development, probably by popular demand from the game's potential fanbase.


Be sure to try out the cooperative gameplay as well – it offers a great experience that's quite different from what other titles have to offer, and if you've got someone to play through the entire game with you, it'll be something neither of you will soon forget.


We need more games like this on the market – enough with the ultra-realistic depiction of yet another World War 2 scene. We sincerely hope other developers will pick up on the community's demands for more similar titles, and we'll get more games of this quality in the future.