Stargate: Resistance Review

16th Sep, 2022

Stargate: Resistance Review

Cheyenne Mountain has a mixed reputation as a game developer studio. They managed to release some profitable titles, while on the other hand their latest installment in the Stargate video game series (the one before Resistance) was widely regarded as a failure, both commercially and in terms of gamer reception.

With this in mind, most of us didn't really know what to expect from Stargate: Resistance, which came out a bit out of the blue while the company was still struggling under some financial difficulties.


Stargate: Resistance is a third-person shooter designed exclusively for online play. The game features most of the standard gameplay modes familiar from similar other titles, like team deathmatch and capture the flag.

It uses a class system, which means that players get to pick their own specific class before hopping into battle, and each of the two sides in the conflict offers three distinct classes to pick from. Each comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the balance has been executed very nicely.

The levels are a bit scarce – just three of them shipped with the game on its initial release. On the other hand, their design is commendable, with each level offering a very unique and instantly-recognizable environment. There are plenty of hiding spots for the stealthy classes, and some great sniping positions for those of you who like to fight from a distance.

We did notice several small issues with the way levels catered to some of the classes though – for example, in one map the sniper class felt really overpowered compared to the rest, and the fact that the good sniping positions were mostly inaccessible to other classes didn't help either.

Graphics and System Requirements

Stargate: Resistance employs the very popular Unreal Engine 3, so most of you probably already know what to expect from it – good graphics quality, some solid visual effects, and high-resolution textures on both the world and the characters. There were some problems with the player's model though – it didn't look as detailed as everything else and this sort of made it stand out in a bad way.

Also, even though UE3 is well-known for handling wide open areas very easily, Stargate: Resistance seems to struggle with this type of environment for some reason. The maps concentrate mostly on open spaces as well, so you can expect the odd framerate drop to occur in the heat of battle. Some users have reported that even running the game on a computer that exceeds its system requirements is not a guarantee that you'll be able to run it smoothly.


Unlke Cheyenne's previous title, this one is remarkably bug-free and a very smooth gameplay experience – there are no annoying glitches to block your progress or crash the game, no missing texture problems (as Cheyenne's last game did), and generally they've obviously spent more time polishing the product.


The game may only really appeal to Stargate fans – to the rest, it won't be more than an online shooter that incorporates some well-known gameplay mechanics and wraps them in a new package. The way it blends with the Stargate universe is nice though, so the game is definitely worth a try.