What’s the Biggest MMO Flop of All Time?

9th Aug, 2022

What’s the Biggest MMO Flop of All Time?

Pikigeek, the leading online source for up-to-date gaming news, original features, and unbiased game reviews has listed the The 5 Biggest MMO Flops of All Time.

It seems that rather than the worst MMO games of all time, the opinion column instead lists the most disappointing MMO launches. Developers spend millions of dollars, thousands of hours and who knows how much effort on these MMO games, only for them to fail spectacularly despite the hype.

Since it normally takes years to develop a game, press releases, news, interviews, rumors and the like are feasted on by MMO fans and industry watches well in advance of the actual release date. For example, here is a list of the Top 10 Most Highly Anticipated Free to Play MMORPG of fully one year before some of those games are due to be launched commercially.

With fan excitement at such a fever pitch it is no wonder that many titles will fail to meet expectations. The biggest MMORPG flops, according to the article by PikiGeek are:

- Age of Conan
- Auto Assault
- Final Fantasy 14
- Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
- The Sims Online